I love Sanuk. I love stickers. I love Sanuk stickers =)

First night at the new place

Sleeping in a bed for the first time in a long time (about a month). We’ll see how I sleep I guess. Lots of unpacking to do. But at least most of the moving is done. Just have the kitchen and then cleaning up the old place. Maybe now I can go out when people invite me =\

Proud of my new badge, even if it is not permanent =)

First kudos =)

My name was in the suggestion box from a customer! She said I was “awesome!” And that I was “energetic, patient and made things fun” for her sons =) glad to see my personality is appreciated haha you can tell I love SenderOne

Need more distractions and more time to myself

I’m regressing. Haven’t been alone for this long since I started dating in high school. It’s messing with my head! I love the freedom, sure. But oh the companionship. And I’m starting to care how people think of me! Maybe not all people, but people. My mind is going back to old haunts. And it makes me wonder if I’ve actually moved on yet. Or maybe I was just distracted and never sorted out my emotions. And then sometimes you see what you want to see, and then you have another headache. -_-;

Still not happy

Sigh* think this job is just not for me. Think I should really rethink industries. I don’t look forward going to work. Maybe I should look for jobs that are more fun for me versus something for the money. Or maybe I need to go back to school for a different major… I called in sick after a week of working at this new job. It’s not a priority for me. Maybe I’m just drained from this week. But still.

Panic attack

I think I’m having a panic attack. Is this what it feels like? The only thing that even kind of works in calming me down is music. But it’s getting late, and I’m running out of songs. I’ve been watching episodes to distract me, but it doesn’t help for that long, coz then I see all the time I wasted. And my pile is as big as ever. I think I’m having a panic attack.

Facebook stalking

Haha so my parents stalk me like crazy online. I’m tempted to put fake statuses up and see what they ask me about…

Hard to leave

Moved quite a bit over to the new place… But I don’t want to be there tonight. I wanna stay another night here. On the floor. With my babies. It’s hard to let go sometimes… And I really don’t wanna

Silent auction is dangerous

Goddamit. Spent so much money today… Not moving related. But to be fair, no wait. Can’t say i need it. I just wanted it. 280 bucks on something I better use haha

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