First day at SenderOne! Loving the swag =)

First day at SenderOne! Loving the swag =)

[emotional vent] still confused and conflicted

It’s not fair to anyone right now. I need to figure everything out soon. It’s hard. I’m trying to do what’s best for me, but I can’t help and think about other people’s feelings too, and how they’d be affected. And I don’t want to make a decision on the wrong thing, or something I shouldn’t even be considering. But I don’t want to look back and regret something that could’ve been. What if I end up resenting him because I never went for something? What if he’s influencing me more than I thought? This is hard. And I’ve gotten a lot of advice. Now I just need to see which would fit me more. Taking it day by day, I guess.

Bought my first pair of grown up jeans. Feeling fancy… People are gonna wonder what’s gotten into me, I’ll just have to say this: eh. I feel like it

96 wings, 32 breadsticks, couple order of fries and more carrots and celery than we cared to eat. Just another feast in SD =) @jenay313


Inspirational pokemon photos.

Pokemon knows what’s up

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Seeing someone slowly lose interest in you is probably one of the worst things ever 

So true

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Things are looking up!

I just got the news, I got the job at SenderOne! It’s far from being my main job, since there are things in life that need money… Like rent. But it’s gonna be a fun job, and I can’t wait!

Only issue right now is that at the time of my interview, I told them I could work anytime. But since then, I’ve picked up a temporary position at my previous job (ACTA), so my schedule is a little harder to work around. But I definitely still want to do this. I had a good feeling about my progress during the interviews, and I really love the facility.

I’m so thankful for the staff giving me this chance. After getting let go 2 weeks ago, pessimism took over and this has been the first bright light I’ve seen in a while.

Having some fun with Vader =)

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