NCIS at work. Kinda cool having a tv here haha

update online crap

I dont want to update my current job on Facebook or LinkedIn yet. I want to, but since Im not a permanent employee yet, I don’t want to update it and then have to take it down later…. But wouldn’t thinking about all this send bad vibes and doubt etc etc etc bleh bleh bleh

I kinda just want to coz it’s updating my online life, which is the only way some people know me XP sad but true

Dreading work

It’s a different kind of “don’t want to go to work” just coz it’s Monday, or like I felt at my old job. This is the dread of having to deal with problems I left behind Friday evening. Everything’s scarier when you’re not permanent just yet

Rough days at work

Whenever I have a rough day at work lately, I go get ice cream of some sort. I went for froyo a while back, yesterday I got a McFlurry, today I’m thinking chocolate dipped ice cream cone… Although we do have ice cream vending machines here…


Gahhhhh it’s so hard when an instrument is fucking up and the person that trained you left the company and is the only person that knows anything about the instrument. And even if he wasn’t half the people in lab aren’t here to help. I started this test first thing this morning, and still trying to run it. Hopefully it works out, otherwise this whole day was a waste… Most of it is, but hopefully not all of it..

Apartment Hunting

Found and signed a hold for an apartment yesterday! We’re going BACK to Costa Mesa! =]

<3 Captain America

Loved Captain America 2! Why does Chris Evans have to be so gorram hot?

Free pizza… again

new boss treated lunch today coz it’s one of my co-workers last day. We went to Round Table lunch buffet. Lucky for me, I hardly ever get tired of pizza. In this last week alone, I’ve had it 3 times. Still good.

Gilmore Girls <3

Havent watched them in forever, but something about this new job in a fancy place and feeling shitty my first week there and everything seeming to just not feel right… it all just made me want to curl up on the couch and relive some Gilmore Girl moments…. I think this is where I got a lot of my personality, that and the Whedon verse. But thats kinda the same thing. How? Coz one of the writers for Joss Whedon’s creations also worked on Gilmore Girls which is why a lot of the little quirky conversations in Gilmore Girls really feel like they belong in Buffy… if you add a vampire in there somewhere… anyway, it’s probably done buffering now… see ya =]

either shark week, or bad day, or both

came home, went straight to the fridge.

ate 2 pieces of cheese. went to pantry, ate a whole packet of chocolate pocky, and a reeses cup. 

odd combination, but it made me feel better after work today…

a kitty welcoming is always nice too. i love our after-work couch sessions =]

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