Life is so hard

Didn’t get chosen for the place I wanted. Fucked things up with a friend. Changing jobs and leaving a new bestie I just started bonding with. Once I move, I won’t see my cats anymore coz they’re going with my ex. And my ex is constantly backing me into a corner about our situation. And he’s found a new place, so I have 2 weeks to hopefully find something. Did I mention I’ll be out over 3 grand once this is all over?

Tried talking it out with a guy thats been really weird and fucked up towards me. And now Iā€™m more irritated and bothered than I was before because he refuses to acknowledge anything I bring up.

Huzzah Judy came to climb!

New job =)

Got a new job! Fastest turn around time ever. Got a call that I was wanted for an interview yesterday. did the interview this morning at 9a. Got a call a couple hours later for the offer. My lucky shirt is still my lucky shirt, I guess. Downside? I can’t see my friends at lunch anymore since it’ll be in Garden Grove. But no worries, I’ll still see them out and about I guess. And I’m keeping my job at SenderOne for sure. Free membership and spending money!

Boys… Crushing.

Annnndddd I’m crushing. Funny, I almost forgot how it feels and how I act when I crush. Hasn’t happened in a while, trying to get back out there and at the very least, keep my mind distracted from everything else going on in life.


Asians šŸœšŸ‡ÆšŸ‡µšŸš¹šŸˆ²šŸ‰šŸˆµ

Those eyes. Swoon!

Playing with Ate’s toys =) SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!

Too busy with her feet to look up haha Baby <3

Looking like a girl for once, had to take a picture

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