Having some fun with Vader =)

Eating popcorn out of Vader’s head… Best popcorn ever!

Had a happy double happy hour today =)

[boyfriend rant] rumors

BF heard a rumor, that someone else told him. Said person said I told them this. And all morning long, I had to sit here defending myself for something I didn’t do, just coz someone decided to voice their opinion.

I think I know where it came from. I said something in confidence to a friend, a mutual friend. Someone I thought I could trust. Not only did they show I couldn’t trust them to keep a secret, but they showed they were either not listening or heard what they wanted to hear, or something else altogether.

This feels very familiar. But I don’t want to lose her as a friend. Seems stupid, but it’s hard for me to make close friends, and I don’t like to hold grudges. For all I know, it’s him that misinterpreted things and everything is just blowing out of proportion. I need to give people a chance, it’s in my nature. But the fact that this is happening when the rest of my whole life is out of control, isn’t making me feel tolerant of such accusations. I’m a patient person most of time, with most people. But with him, he’s lost that privilege a long time ago. Especially with how he’s handling this. I give him the benefit of the doubt all the time. Now it’s his turn and I’m guilty before I even wake up for the day (yes, he ambushed me at 7 in the morning).

He checked my email, my texts. He already didn’t like me having friends and hanging out with them regularly, and now he wants to alienate me even more.

I’ve been thinking of moving out for a while now. And I think this is a good enough reason to actively start looking.

Passed Interview at my first real gym!

Had an interview at the best rock climbing gym in SoCal today. Found out I made it to the second interview tomorrow… With the bosses! If Chris Sharma is there, I’m gonna flip out!


My (now ex) guy friend said I was below average on the looks scale in an attempt to put me done.

Recently got laid off. MRW my friend says my replacement isn’t cute

Sometimes doing this feels more intimate than really holding hands

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Yup. No warning. And here I am… Feeling like it’s Karma, but I may have also been a little cocky/too comfortable that I didn’t remember I should be acting a certain way. Could also be my new hair. But whatever, I can’t cry about it anymore. I’ll mainly miss the new friends I made. I’ll be really sad feeling left out, but as long as I still see them, I’m ok. Silver lining? New job means higher pay (maybe)

Cleaning out my car and found this wedged under the passenger seat… Free parking at the ARC was awesome =P

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