Appt made!

Made an appt for my small tattoo! It’s gonna be done by the super awesome Sara Fabel! Excited =) and a little nervous considering it’s gonna be showing all the time. But just call me daring lol

Had an epiphany today. New concept. Like this a lot better =) just gotta work on how I want the tree to look.. #tattooplanning


science cat

Hahaha so true

Before/After. 2 waffles and 1/4 chicken. Good weekend so far =)

Tattoo idea time! Broke out the ol’ leaf book and started planning. Unfortunately, my first sketch doesn’t exactly have the roots I was thinking of… But at least there’s progress

Finally was able to put up my lizard foot chips in my new place lol


First time doing laundry in forever, why? Coz the laundry basket is tucked away, hidden from view and you never see how full it is until it starts tipping over… It tipped over.

I love posing for Space Mountain… Especially fun with Judy =)

Lol watching a woodpecker head-bang to the radio #bird watching #woodythewoodpecker #kday

Twinsies! Haha

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